rashmika efx 2

rashmika efx 2

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She couldn’t sleep. From the back to the left elbow. Then right. Lie on your back again. Then she folded her fists tightly and slept in the middle of her chest. At this point she felt a little better. He extended his left arm and dimmed it.

In the light falling on her husband’s half face, he was seen sleeping on the floor. How quickly he falls asleep. And how he sleeps with his legs twisted like a small baby. She immediately remembered her own childhood.

The fuzzy front wall began to float. The frog once went and sat next to Gelagampu in school …. Immediately after this line of the poem.

she felt that it was the frog, not her husband, sitting next to her. Asleep Otherwise it looks a bit like a frog.

She turned off the dimlight and rolled her eyes. At this moment, she felt passionately, wearing a frock to jump rope, and in slow motion, as a man climbs the ladder of age, he falls from the snake of sorrow, and he returns to his childhood.

rashmika efx 2

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