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The configuration I will see. In this condition of harmony, all things show up impeccably. “He whose bliss is in the spirit, whose wants are converged in the spirit, has gotten the hang of everything, he has been satisfied.” Going through billions of births and passings and going through numerous sky, we need to learn a certain something and that will be that there is not something to be acquired or wanted with the exception of the spirit.

Self-gain is the greatest addition I have at any point had. At the point when I am essentially free, I needn’t bother with any outside things for my bliss. “From forever, on the grounds that I am free, I am free, and I will consistently be free.” That is Vedanta. The facts really confirm that I have been continually lecturing the hypothesis up to this point, however dear Sister Mary, I am extremely glad to encounter it now. Truly, I exist alone. I’m free. I’m novel. I’m Sachchidananda.

Vivekananda T.K. Presently I will be truly Vivekananda. Have You Ever Been Happy? Ha: Ha: Ha: Childish young lady, you say all is well! This is simply senseless! In this world, there is something great and something awful. In any case, I appreciate both. I’m Jesus Christ, and I am Judas Iscariot. Both my structures, my games. “However long you have a feeling of duality, dread won’t ever leave your back.” Do you know what an ostrich does? You need to conceal your head under the sand and make it advantageous for nobody to check out you! Everything is great! Be valiant and face a wide range of things. May there be bliss, let there be distress; Welcome to both. Both are my games. I would rather not accomplish anything great, I would rather not accomplish any objective or anything Ambition isn’t to be accomplished. I’m a henna digger, I am playing with favorable stones. Goodness terrible You are welcome Good karma to you as well. Regardless of whether the entire world falls before me, what’s the significance here to me? I’m a harmony past the range of the mind. Astuteness just makes best of luck. I’m past these two .. additionally serene. rush editing new

By and by, Jaganmata is turning out to be agreeable. The circumstance is improving; It should be improved.

Alongside work comes something inauspicious. I have taken care of the gathered evil as distorted nature. I’m happy of that. This has made my perspective much better. There is a sort of Mardava, a sort of harmony in my life at the present time. I have never felt so much Mardava, such a lot of harmony previously. I’m figuring out how to continue to function in any event, when I am not connected. I’m dealing with my psyche.

Jaganmata is taking care of her own responsibilities, I couldn’t care less with regards to the work any longer. Huge number of moths like me, a great many creepy crawlies are becoming terminated each second; But her work proceeds. May Mother Jagan win! . My entire life has been a point streaming alone in the progression of that common craving. The second I attempted to conflict with this current, I needed to get harmed. May the wish of Mother Jagan be satisfied!

I’m cheerful; My psyche is quiet. Also I have more demeanor than any time in recent memory.

rush editing new

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