saniya shaikh video editing

saniya shaikh video editing

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Start breathing through your nose. Try not to inhale through the mouth. Attempt to remain in a spotless and very much ventilated climate for quite a while.

N (Nutrition) – Meals

Food profoundly affects the psyche. Hence, tamasi (narcotic) and rajasi (energizer) diets ought to be stayed away from. Continuously take sattvic (strength and harmony giving) food. The accompanying twelve things ought to be utilized persistently.

Eat less hot and less hot food. 2. Eat crude vegetable plates of mixed greens and natural products. Like carrots, apples, oranges,

Radish, cucumber, pomegranate, beet and so on 3. Altered grains ought to be taken with dinners. For example, Matki, green gram, fenugreek, verdant vegetables and so on It is the best eating routine. 4. In the event that you eat organic product after a supper, decrease the measure of food you eat.

That is how much natural product it will give. 5. Assuming you need to savor water between dinners, drink less.

Nails ought to be managed in case you are cooking manually. On the off chance that the nails are amplified, it ought to be eaten with a spoon. Regardless of whether the nails are little, there is soil in it.

Could be. Along these lines, keep your hands clean while eating. Certain individuals need to have panchapakvanna, six rasa, 36 bhoj together. This causes stomach torment. For this, numerous vegetables ought not be eaten together. An ideal eating regimen is one dry and one wet (for example varana) vegetables, rice, poli, crude vegetables.

Try not to eat in obscurity or in low light. Since there is plausible of creepy crawlies, moths, bugs in the food.

Stay away from the desire to indulge. 10. Quick one time per month.

Hardships while eating, issues ought not be thought of. On the off chance that you need to think, do things that are light, pleasant.

Contemplation (supplication) ought to be done prior to eating. It is exceptionally advantageous for processing. It is as per the following:

Close your eyes and feel the smell of the dinner.

Dinners ought to be seen with eyes open. Check out the shading and structure. 3. Feel the dash of the supper.

How might this dinner taste when it is on the tongue?

Envision briefly you were rendered into the karmic driven universe of Earl. In the wake of doing this, you are prepared to process your dinner. Your mouth will water. It is exceptionally helpful for processing food. It is gainful to blend mouth water (salivation) in every dinner.

Daylight is fundamental for your body and bones. 1. Cover some fragile pieces of the face and head and sunbathe the remainder of the body. This shower ought to be taken in the patio or on the rooftop in the early morning sun. Cover your head and eyes with a virus towel. The sun’s fleece is ideally suited for the body.

Stay away from the burning sun: When you need to go out in the early evening, drink a glass of water. Try not to drink water following getting back from summer. Stand by some time and drink water.

W (Water) – Water Just as water is expected to purge and filter the body from an external perspective, so it is important to drink water to purify the body from within. Drink a lot of clean water each day.

Drink a little water each day on an unfilled stomach. This is a basic solution for stomach upset. Bit by bit increment the water ability to three glasses. You can begin with a large portion of a glass.

You can drink water without cleaning your teeth. Subsequent to drinking water.

saniya shaikh video editing

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