shake eerree

shake eerree

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So some Vatrat kids let him know that Mumbai he is doing some place. The man in our family will beat the officer

Afterward, we went to an alternate town for our uncle’s wedding.

Poor and uncle’s better half is revolting

Was as old as and afterward bakaka close to a tree on the ST stand

Furthermore Parsukaka was ruthlessly blowing his better half and his shiver

I quit going to the town on Mota Mallya however the report from the town continued to come that Bakaka and Parsukakan were extremely obligated and I just caught wind of it once. Also once the two of them came to us in Mumbai to request cash. I gave them my little nursery textbooks for their youngsters and two old sarees of their own for their spouses.

Numerous months after the fact, when we returned home from school, my mom gave us two decent mushrooms. At the point when the granddad returned home from the workplace, the mother was letting him know that Jayalyakaka had come in the early evening, conveying a platform, and that he had a child. Then, at that point, the mother was saying, look how God’s equity is. Japalyakaka is content with his great compensation here in the city, and above all Jayalayakaka’s better half has a far off relative who claims a ton of ranch and property in her name. Had simply kicked the bucket.

I’m so happy to hear that, and as a kid Jayalayaka came and his game-high contrast,

Wrong hand done out,

What’s more Parsukaka was out.

shake eerree

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