Shivaji Maharaj Status Video

Shivaji Maharaj Status Video

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Your letter has been received. I don’t understand why I am praised even though I don’t deserve praise. In the words of the Lord Jesus, there is only one good person and that is the Lord. All the rest were just dolls or tools in his hands. Only Almighty God and the right person deserves praise, not the wrong person like me. I don’t have that much right. “This slave is totally unfit for wages.

Fakirs in particular have no right to praise at all. Would you appreciate it if the servant did what he was told to do? It is the duty of the servant to work.

Now I am going to write to you on another subject. Hindus always try to move from general truth to special truth, not from special truth to general truth. What do we find in all our philosophies? Assuming a general theory, these philosophers make a lot of noise, no matter how delusional or childish that theory may be.

No one is curious to find out how much truth there is in such a theory. So it is safe to say that we do not have the power to think independently. That is why in our country there is such a dearth of sciences created by the two processes of observation and generalization from special truth to general theory.

And why did that happen? There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that the extremely hot climate here has made us relaxed and contemplative without making us active, and the second reason is that the Brahmins who are engaged in the business of priests in this country have never traveled far and wide – by sea or by land.

Not only did people not travel to distant lands or sea voyages at all, but most of them were prostitutes or traders, and their intellectual development was hampered by the tyranny of the priests and the greed for profit in their own business.

So what they saw or observed became degraded without adding to the knowledge of mankind, because all their observations were flawed and their descriptions of different countries were so exaggerated and distorted that it became impossible to know what the truth was. .

It is clear that for this we have to travel, we have to go abroad. We must see how the social system is working in another country; And if we want to build a real nation, we have to keep in touch with the ideologies of other countries with an open and open mind. And most importantly, we must stop oppressing people immediately. What a ridiculous situation we have reached today! If a beast comes and stands near a man, that man.

But as soon as a potter whispers a few words of prayer and sprinkles a little water on the head of the bhanga and puts a coat on his body with the bhanga, then why should he not be worn out and torn? And then there will be no one who will not respectfully give him a chair to sit on and shake hands with him happily !! What could be more ironic than this? Come and see what these clergymen are doing in South India.

Shivaji Maharaj Status Video

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