shivani porje video

shivani porje video

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In the event that you have the craving and goal for truth to you, you are welcome in Maha Asmani camp. Here we are engaged with this arrangement. About veritable otherworldliness and clear truth in the Mahasamani camp.

It is told in three sections. 1) To live in the present each second. The present is neither the weight of the past, nor the concern of things to come. 2) To know who I am by experience .. 3) To be set up in self-experience. This camp depends completely on the direction of Sarshree.

Swabodh implies all the objective searchers who come to know ‘who we truly are’ exploit the Maha Asmani camp. The camp is held seven to eight times each year, and large number of individuals are exploiting it today.

It is basic for each evident sweetheart to do this camp to expand the abundance of awareness just as to make extreme progress. In the wake of achieving Self Realization in the Mahasamani camp, we don’t stay as we used to be. Everything changes. By avoiding counterfeit satisfaction, you will stroll on the way of genuine bliss.

Each searcher of truth can plan to achieve Mahasamani information by going to the closest spot of brilliance. You are in the sky Books accessible at the Preparation Foundation, CD. Furthermore, tapes. You can likewise exploit Sarshree’s talks on TV and radio. However, one thing to remember is that talks on books, tapes, TV, radio are not illumination but rather just a prologue to the camp. You can get the delight of illumination exclusively by taking an interest in Maha Asmani camp.

Arrangements for the Mahasamani camp were made at the accompanying spots. Goes. Pune, Sangli, Kopargaon, Barshi, Satara, Jalgaon, Ahmedabad, Kolhapur, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Junagadh, Baramati, Malegaon, Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Raipur, Chennai.

You can finish your journey for truth by partaking in the Mahasamani camp. Dinners and convenience are sorted out for this camp (for this you need to come and remain at Manan Ashram, Pune).

shivani porje video

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