Top 10 shivrajyabhishek sohala banner video editing

Jai Shivrai ????Brothers, today’s video is very cool and special is that today’s video was made How to make shivrajyabhishek sohala banner video editing on the occasion of shivrajyabhishek sohala banner video editing and this video is made in Kinemaster app. If you don’t have Kinemaster app, you can click on the button below. You can install Kinemaster app.


So first you have to open your kinemaster app and click on the + opetion to select a ratio of 16: 9 and go to medial and play an effect video. After adding the video, we want to make some video setting.


Then you want to add Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s png and keep it in animation fade.Then we want to download all our png and add animation by adding all the png mentioned in the video. All the material is given in the foramt of khali zip file.


After putting this arv with png, you want to add png to your Shivrajabhishek.You have to adjust this png correctly and keep your rubber stamp in the animation and keep the duration of png till your end.


We want to put a video with an effect behind the png and bring the png to the front by doing the blending of the video in the screen.


Then you want to play a video with one of the fire particles and make the vIDEO in the blending screen and increase the opacity to 50%.


After all this, your video is 75% ready. You have to export this video directly again. You want to export the video without audio and effect and then again select your 16: 9 ratio and add your exported video and If you want to go and get audio, you have to split your video wherever you want to get the effect and you want to get the effect by clicking on the + option.


Then you want to wear your logo and if you want to put a photo png below you, you can also use it and then you want to export shivrajyabhishek sohala banner video editing.

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