tharai kamar beat

tharai kamar beat

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On the specific day of Ganpati, I used to flee from my granddad’s home in the town and go to my uncle’s home in the town. On that day, Mama’s Osari was loaded up with countless Ganapatis.

Every Ganapati’s heap was of an alternate tone and all the Ganpatis used to take a gander at one another and favor each other with a grin. There was likewise a bogus rodent at the feet of every Ganapati. A few Ganapatis used to remain on large rodents, elephants, peacocks, birds, cows, some moved on hawthorn and some experienced childhood in lotus.

Being in the organization of such countless various Ganapatis caused me to feel like I was in paradise.

Going to the side of each Ganpati and afterward I stood and looked for some time. Mother hammered me so hard, as though I was going to break that Ganpati.

Tasha’s tattoo tatai, tattoo tatadu’s noisy sound used to come and stop before our uncle’s passageway. Then, at that point, a horde of individuals accumulated in Osiris.

tharai kamar beat

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