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When the experience is connected to the body, it is called bodily state • or self in action. Experience is activated in such a way. He has to be proactive. The reason . It is through action that one can experience. Can be self-witness. Experience is not needed when it is not active.

That is why we are told to be ignorant. Tejaajnani means the idle state of God, the original state is Tejajnani. Man is already ignorant and then becomes ignorant. But there is a stark difference between these two states. In the second stage, his journey starts from radiance to radiance. When self-identity becomes the body, the journey from knowledge to ignorance begins. The first stage was to become a person by associating oneself with the body. In the second stage, detachment from the body occurs. Once the body is connected, four stages of anatomical state begin.

The four stages of the identified self. Being physically fit and becoming a person is sad

The ‘self’ is attached to the body and is very sad after becoming a person. In fact, this is his game. From his point of view, nothing bad happens. In this state he is sad. He is making himself more uncomfortable. In life we ​​meet many people who are very sad themselves and try very hard to make others sad too. They are less likely to recover. Because they are more on the path of discomfort. There are very few people like Angulimal or Ratnakar who come in contact with Buddha and Narada. After such contact, there was a big change in them. Otherwise they are extremely miserable in their mental system. And keep walking on the path of discomfort. This was the first stage.

He is sad at this stage of finding a way out of grief by becoming a person by becoming a physical force, and by becoming an excuse for grief, he is in a state of recovery Is becoming a traveler. Grief does not come to give grief. He is coming to teach something. That is why he tries to be introverted due to grief. That is, he is on the path to recovery. This was the second stage, trending editing

In this state of becoming a person by becoming bodyless and becoming happy, but by becoming egoistic, by becoming a body, becoming a person, the ‘self’ has become happy. ButTurning on the path of discomfort. He starts using happiness to increase his ego. And his ego swells. He has all the pleasures of the world. Money is rolling. He would have got fame. There are a lot of relatives. There is a big position and also physical health. But he uses all this to increase his ego. No one has any value in front of him now. He despises others. This became the third stage of ‘self’.

In this state of being happy as a person by becoming a body force, one is happy to become a ‘self’ person with a body. But the path to recovery has become a journey. That is, he is enjoying all the pleasures to be healthy. That is, if he has money nearby, he will use the money to build a soundproof room. Where he can sit and meditate. If he has power, he will use it to serve the truth and to worship good things. That is, he is using money or power to be healthy. This was the fourth stage.

The two stages of the body-free state The second stage of the transcendental state of the ‘self’ is the body-free state (disidentified). There are two more stages of the body-free state.


In this state, the ‘self’ begins to identify itself. Install it in yourself

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