Trending Status Editing

Trending Status Editing In To Your Mobile Phone.

Hello friends welcome to all of you into new Marathi status video editing blog.

In this blog we are going to edit a special DJ remix Marathi song WhatsApp status into our mobile phone.

For making this type of status you need a light motion software into your mobile phone if you don’t have this software you can download it by clicking on the below button after downloading the software you have to open this software.

After opening the software you have to download Beat mark project and shake effect project into our software from our blog.

Alightmotion App

After installing bitmarck and shaky fit project you have to open betamark project in b minor project you have to add video which I have provided you in all material.

Trending Status Editing

Kisi se bhi lyrical video which you have to adjust according to our song and according to our lyrics into our video and into our beatmark properly.

Beat Mark

After this video and audio properly you have to add all the images which you have to edit this video if you want the images which I have you should you can easily download this images by clicking on all material button in this blog.

I have provided you all material in zip file you have to download this file and extract it into your file manager and from there you can easily use our all material for any purpose.

After reading all the images you have to apply some effects to this images so for applying affects you have to install check if it project and open it into your alight motion software.

Shake Effect

Insha keypad I have applied some effect to the images you have to copy this effects and paste it into our beatmark properly according to our song.

After this you have to add shadow effect to the full video and expand its duration to the last bit marks after this you are to add 1.png on our side effects and all this material is given in our all material button.

After this you have to add your logo on our whole video and change its blending to overall and here’s our full video is ready to export you can play it into your alight motion software you can export this video by clicking on the export option on the top side of a alightmotion software.

All Material

If you have any problem for making this type of video you can directly watchtower full tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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