video editor for laptop

Hello friends welcome to all of you in our new post in this post we are going to learn that how to make new Ganpati Bappa status video editing.

As you know the biggest festival of India that is Ganpati Bappa is coming soon so most of our friends send me the message on my Instagram profile that make the Ganpati Bappa status video on your YouTube channel so friends finally we have make that status video for you so you have to just follow all the steps that have written in the post and the you can take these types of status video editing.

Making this types of video you need one software which name as alight motion.

If you don’t have this application or software so you can download it by clicking on the below download button you have just click on that button and after that it redirect to our media player and from there you can download this application or software.

Software link for the application link is given below you can click on the the below button.

Alightmotion App

Beat mark project.

In this project I have given you a song which is audio song and some red lines which we called as beat mark.

The red line is the beat mark of our audio song.

video editor for laptop

You have to add some PNG or images in that particular b mark.

If we add the images in our particular b mark so it gives awesome look to our video.

PNG and images you need to make these types of video is given in the button below you can click on all the material button and download all the PNG and images which I have provided you in this post.

First of all you have to install beat mark in your alert motion software or application so for that you have to click the buy now button after click on the below button it will directly redirect to our emotions software or application and then you have to click on install option and after that this beat automatically install in your alight motion application or software.

Beat Mark Project

Beat Mark Project 2

Shake effect preset

video editor for laptop

In shake effect preset I have provided you some effects which are given to some particular images in our preset.

This gives the awesome look to our video.

The shake effect I have provided you on some images so you have to just select that image and go in three dot option and after that you have to select copy effects opetion.

For download this check if it you have to click on the button which is given below.

Shake Effect

All material

video editor for laptop

As I tell you for making your video awesome and give fantastic view to your video you need some pngs and images.

After using these types of PNG sad images it gives awesome look to your videos for downloading this types of images and PNG you have to just click on the below button which is all material button and after that you have to download all the materials one by one on our Google drive option.

After adding all the PNG and images in proper way you have to to export your video from our alert motion software to our gallery.

All Material

After exporting the video you have to click on save option after that hour video will save in our mobile gallery.

You are facing some problem for saving our videos in mobile cal you can watch our full tutorial on YouTube for click on the following video.

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