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There are many sorts of plants, creatures and microorganisms around us. These are called quicken. Found in living water, land and air. The covering of living things is called biosphere. Varan is the organic cover. So the stone cover, the water cover and the air are the inorganic fronts of the earth. All living things in the climate are comprised of inorganic shells. They live in it and rely upon it.

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Nature Plants, creatures and microorganisms are the parts of the environment. Plants get their development supplements from the dirt. Plants produce food with the assistance of sun based energy. Creatures depend straightforwardly or in a roundabout way on plants for food. Creatures like deer, hares, elephants and so on get their food from plants, while creatures like tigers, lions rely upon these creatures for food; That is, they are by implication subject to plants for food. Microorganisms Dead or living plants and creatures.

The limit of the environment is found in the biological system, the spring, and the air. Environment, at high heights, needs oxygen. Diminishes gaseous tension, mugginess and temperature. So they are found alive in the environment up to a specific tallness. The dirt has nutritious conditions for living beings to a specific profundity, there are living life forms discovered pretty much in all pieces of the sea. There is an ideal temperature for them to endure and food is provided. Air is found in the climate from a specific tallness to a couple of profundities in land and water. The outer layer of the earth

They need energy for the different exercises of living things. This energy they get past food. As indicated by the strategy for getting food, living creatures are isolated into three gatherings in particular plants, creatures and microorganisms.

Plants: Plants produce their own food with the assistance of daylight, subsequently plants are called autotrophic or self-maintaining. No living thing other than plants can make its own food.

Creatures can make their own food: no. They need to rely upon plants or different creatures for food, so creatures are called parasites. People need to rely upon plants and different life forms for food, so people are likewise malnourished.

Microorganisms: Microorganisms incorporate microscopic organisms, infections, and so on These are similarly just about as antagonistic as creatures. They need to rely upon plants and creatures for food.

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